Come on board to Captain Pegleg and his crew

Captain Pegleg is a 2.5 D platformer/jump'n'run game with 40 challenging and entertaining levels. Join Captain Pegleg's crew, run and jump through different environments, collect all the treasures and destroy your enemies to escape from the island.



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Multiplayer mode

On Captain Pegleg's local multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends to a tough fight and show whether you have what it takes to be a real pirate. You can choose between the fearless Captain Pegleg, the doubting pirate, the unbelieving sailor or the skeleton that would rather go on holiday. So grab your friends and let them walk the plank.


Captain Pegleg in the Top Steam Games to Lookout for by GameKeys

Captain Pegleg has been selected by GameKeys as one of the top games to lookout for on Steam currently. We are honored!
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On the origins of Captain Pegleg

"We", the founders Markus and Sabine, love games and stand behind Captain Pegleg with great passion. One evening we were looking for a funny, challenging platform game - unfortunately without success. So we, as software developers, decided spontaneously to create our own game that would meet our high standards. For this reason, we sent Captain Pegleg and his crew on a mission to give adults a great game with a high fun factor but also certain challenges.


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Captain Pegleg is published and developed by xeam games

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